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Rana Muhammad Waqas

Phone# +92 321 7969614; Email: waqaskhan137@gmail.com; LinkedIn Profile

Software Engineering University of Bradford

Company Role Responsibility Duration
Expertflow Ltd. Software Engineer Computer Telephony Integration and Deployment June 2014 – March 2017
Afiniti a Mckinsey Solution Analyst Software Engineer Incident and Event management of an Artificial Intelligent contact center product March 2017- Present

I have 3 years of software development experience and a year of experience in dev ops of an artificial intelligent product. I have deeper understanding of software life cycle with the essentials skills, following are some of my projects I have delivered and contributed to the organizations I have been working for.


Harnessing unused CPU Cycle to build a high-throughput Compute Cluster

I did this project as my Final Year project and the motivation of this project to run the huge computation problems. It takes days to see the results of the algorithms, and sufficient resources to buy a high-performance cluster, led me to the High Throughput Computation and its framework HtCondor for high throughput computing.


  • Setting up the high Throughput Computing Environment (using HtCondor)
  • Testing the system and Running simple application
  • Smith Watermen Algorithm on each machine independently
  • Exploring SMW possibilities for parallel computing
  • Implementing its DAG using DAGMan (a meta-scheduler for HtCondor jobs which keeps track of the DAG jobs)
  • Providing remote access to high throughput computing pool
  • Combining the pool with larger pools to make it a bigger robust pool

ExpertFlow High Availability Solution

ExpertFlow Load Balancer (ELB) is an application level (layer 7) reverse proxy that distributes application traffic across multiple configured servers. In high availability environments like banks, telecoms it is a mandatory requirement to have highly available, scalable, and predictable application services.
ELB runs on layer 7 and acts upon data found in transport layer protocols (IP, TCP, FTP and UDP). Layer 7 load balancers distribute requests based upon data found in application layer protocols such as HTTP.
ELB heavily uses Nginx and Keepalived.
Technologies: Linux, Nginx Cluster, and Keepalived

Expertflow Agent Assistance Headset

EAAH allows you to integrate the Plantronics Sensor Headset with Cisco Finesse, which opens the whole new horizon to the possibilities, it automates the actions; it understands the context and most of all it helps agents improve their efficiency and productivity.
It allows an agent to have all essential features of a call on Cisco Finesse. Some core functions are
Ready, Not Ready, Answer Call, Hold Call, Resume Call, End Call
Component: Plantronics Headset, Plantronics Hub running on agent machine, Cisco Finesse Gadget, A Web Service

Technologies: JavaScript (AJAX), C# Web service, Cisco Finesse APIs, Plantronics Hub, Spokes.js a REST Service

CTI Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM I worked as a developer on this project and developed a middleware application to integrate Cisco platform with Microsoft's Dynamics CRM. Deployed at multiple customers of the banking sector.
Language: C#, JavaScript, AJAX, XML

Technology: Dynamics CRM SDK (version 2011, 2013, 2015), Restful web services using WCF, JSON, Cisco Finesse Web services APIs

Tools: Visual Studio, IIS 7.5

Middleware (Generic Connector) for Oracle Siebel CRM This application comprises of two modules Generic Connector a Middleware between any third-party application and Cisco Contact Center and Siebel CTI Driver, communicating over Apache ActiveMQ. It enables Siebel CRM users to receive calls within the CRM interface in a unified environment. One module implemented for the telephony system and other module developed for the CRM, connected via Apache ActiveMQ.
Language: JAVA, C++

Technology: Core JAVA, Apache ActiveMQ

Tools: IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, Siebel Communications Server

SDK for Avanza Unison CRM

A Software Development Kit was developed for Avanza Unison CRM so that it can integrate with Cisco Contact Center.
Language: JAVA

Technology: Core JAVA, Apache ActiveMQ, JDK 1.7

Tools: IntelliJ IDEA

Gadgets for Cisco Finesse

I have developed multiple gadgets for Cisco CTI Portal known as Cisco Finesse Desktop. These Gadgets are based on Open Social standard and provide their interface in XML and JavaScript; they provide a mechanism for cross-platform integration. Some of the gadgets which I have worked on, for customers in French Speaking Africa and the Middle East, are:

  • CRM Screen-pop Gadgets and auto phone call activity

  • Call History Gadget

  • SMS Gadget

  • Call Transfer Gadget

Language: JAVA, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, C#, SQL

Technology: Restful Web services, Angular JS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Smack for XMPP, Cisco APIs, MySQL, and WCF

Tools: NetBeans IDE, Visual Studio, IIS, Tomcat

Chat Solution for Call Center Agents This application provides one to one chats as well as group chats/broadcasts among agents/supervisors in a call center environment.
Language: Core Java/JSP, C#, JavaScript, XML, SQL Technology: Restful web services using JAX-RS, JSON, XML, Angular JS, SignalR framework, Cisco APIs
Tools: NetBeans, Visual Studio, Firebug, Chrome Poster, IIS, Tomcat

Technical Support Engineer Afiniti

Sound understanding of Avaya, Genesys, Cisco and those contact centers integration with Afiniti. Due to redundant reporting issues in Avaya I have mastered how reporting impacts and its importance for Avaya-Afiniti configuration. I have pedantic understanding of Contact Center routing strategies of different technologies.


  • Provide initial assessment of urgency and business impact on all support helpline calls and emails

  • Incident Management, intercept an incoming issue and call a meeting with the relevant teams if required with the initial investigation to minimize the impact

  • Record internal and external client service requests, incidents, and change requests into system and communicate ticket ID to client for their follow up

  • Perform initial troubleshooting to identify the root cause by eliminating step-by-step possible root causes of the incident. Initial investigation report includes instances from the service logs and SQL queries providing a detailed view of the issue, which is shared with the TIER 2 teams

  • Follow standard procedures for proper escalation of unresolved issues to the appropriate internal teams

  • Maintain overall ownership of client’s issue & service ensuring that they receive resolution within a committed SLA

  • Post incident management includes performing comprehensive root cause analysis and creation of Root Cause Analysis report, which highlights the aspects that can be improved from technical and business point of view

  • Record incident resolution in system and communicate to all stakeholders

  • Research, diagnose, troubleshoot, and identify solutions to resolve customer issues

  • Document knowledge in the form of knowledge base tech notes and articles

  • My job also entails training new resources hired in minimum time duration


  • Adaptability
  • Quick Learner
  • Problem solving
  • Team Player
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